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[what]-What attain Cats Dream About?

[what]-What attain Cats Dream About?

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At one point or one more, any of us who are living with cats possess watched them sleep also belief: Can my cat dream? also if this is a case, what’s she dreaming about? Smartly, I could perhaps merely no longer become inside a jam to offer youre a full solutions, however I will are trying!

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  1. As my cats aged, they seemed to be experiencing nightmares. They would be sound asleep, and wake up with a start, just SCREAMING, over and over, until I was able to reach them and pet them, speak to them soothingly, and holding them against my body. It happened with all four of my Maine Coons, and both of my two little rescues. All but one of my rescues is gone now. She sleeps next to my pillow on my bed, so I am usually touching her in some way. She likes to sleep on my hand or against my arm, or slightly under the covers against me during cold weather. It is very upsetting, both to her and to me, but I do not know what is causing these nightmares.
    The four Maine Coons were inside cats. The two rescues were found dumped in a dry creek bed when they were just tiny kittens. It took me several weeks to finally catch them, but they were inside only cats with me. The last rescue will be 17 in about 3 weeks. Could it really be nightmares, or is it some sort of feline dementia? They all only ate premium cat food, both canned and dry, and occasional bits of roasted chicken, both white and dark meat.

  2. One of my cats will nurse fuzzy blankets and when she was younger she would nurse basically anything. She’s been doing it less and less, but I often see her start nursing the air while she’s sleeping. She has mommy issues ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. My cats definitely dream, i have observed them making suckling sounds and kneading their front paws. They also have experienced a nightmare once or twice. They started miauwing really loud and then jerked awake all disorientated . Sometimes they also dream chase something.

  4. My cat Terry has the exact same issue as Foley.

    He came into the shelter with trauma, from what or who we do not know. A broken jaw that had healed out of place and some fractured canines. Several dental and cosmetic surgeries(his lip was disconnected from gums somehow). He's the sweetest boy, everyone loved him at the shelter.

    We bring him home with an established cat, and toys. We have a 5 ft cat tree, right next to our TV cabinet, with a soft-rimmed basket at the very top(prime real-estate). He has a spasm hits the cabinet on his side and onto the ground. Sadly this happened a couple times before we disassembled the tree to knee level. Each time, whether off the couch, or a bed in a window sill he seemed fine, just foggy. He CAN be woken up from these spasms so it's not a seizure, but yeah he's mildly hurt us and took potentially dangerous spills during these night terrors.

    We adjusted by getting hard-rimmed beds/cat tree baskets, and it's been less of an issue. But the melatonin thing is something I'll look into. And taking him outside on a leash has given me more injuries than anything else he's done combined.

  5. My cats are in my dreams all the time. One time my cat talked to me,in english.i don't remember what he was saying as much as what he sounded like.he talked like I used to talk to him-sort of "baby talk", or higher pitched talking.i was so embarrassed that I had "taught" him to speak this way….he thought it was normal to talk like that,since that way of talking was all he really had heard. From then on I talked to him(mainly)in a regular voice,like I would talk to other humans…….

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